Parking Lot Lyrics - MAIA HIRASAWA

I’m standing on a parking lot, all alone and quite confused
I can’t find my keys to the car, the sun’s gone down and I’m too

I left them all behind, no tears, though stupid doubts
Now I’m trying to see the only one, though I just want to shout
But I’ll sing it again, though everyone is sleeping


I’m standing on this quiet night, walked all the way back home
Now the silence is making me numb, I just want them to come

And in the dark I’ll sing, though everyone is sleeping
I sing

Though we had it all, I left it all behind
The pictures on the wall, says where I should stand
Skylark had it all, but we left it all behind, wanted to fly and not to fall
Now I don’t know where I should stand

I don’t know why they left it all
But if you ask me they would do it all again

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Information of "Parking Lot" Song

Song Information
Song Title Parking Lot
Song Writers Maia Elvira Hirasawa
Song Duration 4 min 27 sec
Album Though, I'm Just Me
Album Songs Count 12 songs available of this album
Release Date March 21, 2007 (03/21/2007)
Release Day March 21
Release Week Day Wednesday
Release Month March
Release Year 2007

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Maia Hirasawa (born May 5, 1980) is a Swedish singer-songwriter of Swedish and Japanese parentage. She was born and raised in Sollentuna, Stockholm, Sweden but has lived for many years in Gothenburg. Maia became known through Annika Norlin's band Hello Saferide, where she is a back-up singer. Her solo career began in early 2007 when the song "And I Found This Boy" started being played heavily on Swedish radio. The single was followed up by the album "Though, I'm Just Me" and the single "Gothenburg". the summer of 2007 she toured around Sweden, playing at such shows as Allsång på Skansen, Hultsfredsfestivalen, Peace & Love and Arvika Festival. In 2010 she for the first time released material in Swedish with the EP "Dröm bort mig igen". Maia Hirasawa wiki">Read more on Wikipedia

People Also Asked

Let's discover some Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) and their answers, about "Parking Lot" song.

Parking Lot song singer?

MAIA HIRASAWA is the singer of the song Parking Lot.

Parking Lot song album?

Though, I'm Just Me is the song album of the song Parking Lot. Total of (12 songs) available of this album.

Parking Lot song lyrics writer?

Maia Elvira Hirasawa is the song writer of the song Parking Lot. This song sung by the artist MAIA HIRASAWA.

Parking Lot song release duration / length?

4 min 27 sec is the song original duration / length of the song Parking Lot.

Parking Lot song release date?

March 21, 2007 (03/21/2007) is the song release date of the song Parking Lot. Song current age is . Released week day is Wednesday and month is March.